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A spreading thornless subtropical semiscandent bamboo, with thin-walled pendulous shoots up to 16m tall, and rhizomes with long solid rootless necks. Distribution is restricted to high rainfall areas, usually from 300m to 1,200m. The rhizomes are quite similar to those of Melocanna, with very long rootless necks, but the culms are not always solitary, often arising instead in well separated groups of a few culms. The branches are also similar to those of Melocanna, although fewer in number. The flowers are sometimes very small, 



similar to those of Teinostachyum, but they often develop into larger, densely hairy curving spikelets. The broad deciduous culm sheath blades distinguish it readily from all the other spreading genera. The buds and leaf veins are very similar to those of all the other medium-sized subtropical genera. The thin walls make splitting and weaving very easy. Only one species is known. It is not usually cultivated, as it requires the support of tree branches to grow satisfactorily.

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