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Indocalamus latifolius

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See description in Kew's GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora

Indocalamus latifolius (Keng) McClure, Sunyatsenia 6(1): 37. 1941

Synonyms: Arundinaria latifolia Keng; Sasamorpha latifolia (Keng) Nakai.

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Culms 1–3 m tall, 0.5–0.7 cm thick, nodding; internodes 10–30 cm, finely light brown tomentose to scurfy, with denser, more persistent pruinose ring below the node; nodes with supra-nodal ridge slightly or not raised, sheath scar nearly level. Culm sheath usually shorter than the internode, to 25 cm, persistent, initially densely brown setose, erect setae deciduous, the appressed and retrorse setae persistent; margins initially long brown-ciliate, later glabrous; auricles absent; oral setae absent; ligule 0.5–1 mm, truncate, ciliate; blade erect, to 3 cm, narrowly lanceolate or subulate, deciduous. Leaf sheaths terete, glabrous, not pruinose, margins glabrous; auricles absent; oral setae sparse, few, short, to 3 mm, deciduous; ligule truncate, to 2 mm, finely tomentose, sparsely ciliate, external ligule glabrous; blade 30–40 cm long, 5–10 cm wide, glabrous. 2n = 48. Name from Latin latus, ‘broad’ and folium, ‘leaf’ for the large broad leaves.

Indocalamus latifolius is native to E China, where it is used for chopsticks, penholders, mats, and wrapping food.














Origin unknown

[hamadae] [latifolius] [longiauritus] [tessellatus ]