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Indocalamus longiauritus

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See description in Kew's GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora

Indocalamus longiauritus Hand.-Mazz.

Synonyms: Arundinaria longiaurita (Hand.-Mazz.) Hand.-Mazz.

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Culms 1–2 m tall, 0-5–0.7 cm thick, erect to nodding; internodes 10–40 cm long, finely ridged, lightly pruinose, apically densely pruinose; nodes not raised; branches 1(–2). Culm sheath much shorter than internode, to 15 cm, apically obliquely truncate, broad, to 2 cm wide, glabrous, centrally lightly pruinose, margins …; auricles falcate, to 1 cm, deflexed; oral setae 6–8, to 8 mm, smooth; ligule ca. 0.5 mm, centrally shortly ciliate, laterally setose; blade broadly lanceolate, to 5 cm long, to 1.5 cm wide, erect, deciduous, glabrous. Leaf sheath terete, glabrous, pruinose, margins glabrous; auricles absent or very small; oral setae absent or sparse, to 4 mm, erect; ligule to 2 mm, truncate, setose to 5 mm, sparsely tomentose, external ligule shortly ciliate; blade to 30cm long, to 5 cm wide…


Name from Latin longus, ‘long’ and auris, ‘ear’ for the well-developed auricles on the culm sheaths.












Origin unknown

[hamadae] [latifolius] [longiauritus] [tessellatus ]